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  • How is OWP different from other Private Real Estate Equity Firms?
    Every opportunity offered by our firm is carefully selected, stress tested and meticulously analyzed to deliver exceptional results. We believe opportunity is everywhere, it’s noticing and acting on them that is difficult. In mankind’s darkest hours Winston Churchill observed, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” We are optimists.
  • How have OWP investments performed in the past?
    We are dedicated to transparent communication with investors and maintain a performance tracker that can be access by anyone who creates an account. Once you have invested, you will receive performance updates regarding each individual asset in your portfolio within the platform.
  • What is the minimum investment?
    Our minimum investment varies by fund product but starts from as low as a $50,000 investment.
  • What kind of returns can I expect on my investment?
    Anticipated returns will depend entirely on the risk profile of each transaction and the terms of the offering. Our investment committee selects potential portfolio investments from those underwritten first with an eye towards achieving the objective of the transaction, fund or offering. If the investment committee has determined that a potential investment is in line with this objective, then it will evaluate its return potential in various scenarios, including stress test scenarios. In order for the investment committee to consider an investment, this return potential must falls with the return matrix for the given transaction. All annual rates of return and preferred returns presented by OWP are net of all fees. Please review the complete offering material for specific details.
  • Who can invest with OWP?
    We aim to make real estate investing simple and accessible to all accredited investors. We are proud to have investors from all over the world reflecting a diverse array of professions and of all ages.
  • How do I get started?
    Start by filling in the form above. Once your account is setup, you can decide to invest in any of our live offerings, which will be updated from time to time. Once you decide on an investment to move forward with, you can initiate the process through the online portal or by contacting our Investor Relations team, who is standing ready to help at any stage of the investment process.
  • Can I invest with my entity (trust, LLC, etc.)?"
    Yes, you can invest through a LLC, LP, or Trust with a joint beneficiary. Like individual investors, an entity or trust must be accredited in order to invest with OWP.
  • What are your fees to investors?
    Each OWP investment will clearly disclose the fees associated with each investment offering within the investor documents or offering package. In general, we charge a small management fee on funds and share in the profits upon distribution.
  • How do you perform due diligence on your investment offerings?
    Each investment opportunity is carefully sourced, identified and underwritten. Our underwriting team conservatively models each transaction using proprietary financial models featuring rigorous stress testing and institutional quality analysis. Among the factors considered are: (i) track record of sponsor, (ii) ability to obtain financing, (iii) location and proximity to transit and amenities, (iv) carefully selected market comparables and competitive analysis, (v) supply and demand dynamics, and (vi) performance under distressed or stressed scenarios. In our opinion, the key to reducing investment risk is reliance on strict controls regarding the underlying investment. During the due diligence process of the underlying assets, we require projects be in locations in the local real estate market with clearly demonstrated and identified value. In particular, we look for projects that will activate the market or location in which it is situated and that offer compelling characteristics tailored for a strong target demographic. In this way, our investments’ success is bolstered through the degree of scarcity and through structuring the final product to have a higher demand than supply in the local market. In structuring and designing investments and investment opportunities, we always take market volatility into account. Through our stress testing process, we run each investment through a rigorous battery of performance tests through multiple distressed scenarios in order to properly analyze risks and understand how scenarios such as the 2008 recession will impact the investment. Through this process, our underwriting team is able to effectively control for risk and structure compelling opportunities for risk-adjusted returns.
  • What types of investments are offered by OWP?
    OWP offers the best opportunities in real estate it has identified at any given time, which may range from equity opportunities, to preferred equity or debt opportunities, each of which will have different time horizons and risk-return profiles curated for the specific appetite of our investors. These opportunities range from short-term (1-2 years) to medium or longer term (3-5+ years) investments. In general, debt investments will have a fixed maturity date and will fall on the shorter end of the spectrum; specific project investments will fall towards the middle-end of the spectrum; and equity fund investments will fall towards the longer-end of the spectrum.
  • How does liquidity work with OWP?
    Each investment typically will not offer early liquidity events or redemption rights, with limited exceptions. In general, you should be prepared for your investment to be illiquid until the ultimate exit of the underlying real estate asset(s).
  • What kind of properties does OWP invest in?
    OWP invests in real estate opportunistically, meaning that it will structure investments based on the best opportunities in a given market and asset class at any given time, allowing for a broad and diverse range of potential investment opportunities. In general, OWP has invested primarily in multifamily and single-family residential properties as well as a broad range of commercial properties ranging from hospitality, office, retail and mixed-use.
  • What tax documents can I expect to receive?
    You will receive tax documents in line with the type of investment in any given opportunity. In general, for most fund investment, this will be a Schedule K-1.
  • How do I access my tax documents?
    Tax documents will be available via the online portal and will also be emailed to you separately.
  • When will I receive my tax documents?
    You will receive your tax documents in the first quarter of each calendar year.
  • How long does it take for my investment to be confirmed?
    Upon full receipt of your subscription package, you can expect a confirmation with a capital call notice if it is accepted, within 2 business days.
  • Can I view my account statements online?
    Yes, you will be able to view detailed information regarding your investment via the online portal along with regular updates and information regarding returns or distributions.
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