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Facing changes in today’s social, technological and economic environment, what’s going to happen to my family, my work, my finances, my kids, and my future? The Lighthouse is here to help navigate the turbulent waters, by cutting to the chase on a variety of impactful topics such as investment, real estate, technology, and education. We bring in proven and recognized experts from the frontlines to share their cutting-edge insights so you can build up your toolbox to survive and thrive. We’ll candidly discuss risks and danger, as well as opportunities and really know how to help you and your family sail smoothly.


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Navigate Troubled Waters



July 31, 2020

1 minutes

Episode 1: Unpredicting Uncertainty with Tim Shih

In this episode, we have a frank discussion with Tim Shih, CEO of OneWorld Group and my co-founder and partner. He’s a computer scientist, a lawyer, a seasoned chef, and a horticulturalist. With so much uncertainty swirling around us, we are all looking for forecasts, predictions and crystal balls for comfort. Our candid discussion explores the reasons why relying on predictions may not be the best approach and offers some practical tools to help our listeners survive, and even thrive, in uncertain environments.

Additional Resources:
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July 17, 2020

26 minutes

Episode 2: Varsity Clues with Allen Koh

Allen is one of the top college consultants in the world, having started Cardinal Education from his dorm room at Stanford. His clients are the 1% of the 1%, paying him 5 to 7 figures for guidance. In this episode, we have a candid conversation about what it takes to make it in today’s hyper-competitive admissions environment, and what the common traits are for success in students today. Find out why he turned away William Singer and thought the Varsity Blue’s scandal was too cheap to be true.

Additional Resources:
Cardinal Education



July 25, 2020

40 minutes

Episode 3: Real Estate for the Thoughtful with John Burns

John Burns is among the most respected real estate consultants in the US. His diverse clientele includes large Wall Street institutions who look to him for insightful analyses of real estate. In this episode, we provide you with the type of information exclusively reserved for huge institutional investors that pay tens of thousands of dollars. Specifically, John and Lili discuss interesting trends and potential opportunities in the real estate market following the Covid19 outbreak.

John’s book: Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Businesses, a book written to help make demographic trends easier to understand, quantify, and anticipate.

John’s newsletters:

John’s podcast:

Fannie Mae Market Research:



June 30, 2020

48 minutes

Episode 4: What's Real in Virtualization and Gaming with Yoshio Osaki

Yoshio runs IDG, one of the top gaming consulting firms in the world, with a client list that includes Amazon, Tencent, Blizzard, and Microsoft. He breaks down the ecosystem of gaming and virtualization, and shares how everyone can benefit from this new economy. We also talk about what these trends mean for your budget, your kids, and your future. Gaming’s not just for gamers anymore, find out why.

Additional Resources:
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Games Mentioned:
Call of Duty
Fable Labs



July 2, 2020

44 minutes

Episode 5: Something New with Peggy Olin

Peggy Olin is CEO of OneWorld Properties, one of the leading real estate firms in Florida. She is also a friend, partner, and an incredible female trailblazer in real estate. In this episode, we dive into how the Covid19 crisis compares to the 2008 financial collapse through Peggy’s eyes. She shares her stories of opportunity, perseverance, and success through the global financial crisis. We also discuss how the residential real estate market is reacting to Covid19, and ways to approach real estate buying and selling decisions. Finally, Peggy offers some great insight and advice about what it takes to break through as a woman in a male-dominated industry.



July 31, 2020

49 minutes

Episode 6: Venturing into the Future with Garry Tan

Garry Tan, co-founder of Initialized Capital, is widely recognized as one of the most respected venture capitalists in the world. Often described as someone with the Midas Touch, whatever he touches turns to gold. As an early-stage VC firm, Initialized Capital has invested at least $1 billion dollars in every year of its existence. Some of Garry’s investments include Instacart, Coinbase, and Truepill. In an eye-opening and inspiring conversation, we discuss how Garry picks his investments and his founders, the opportunities today, and the trends that will change the future.

To reach Garry:
Twitter handle: @garrytan
Instagram: garrytan

Garry’s YouTube intro:
Garry’s YouTube channel:



August 20, 2020

58 minutes

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